Volta Trucks plans to produce electric trucks

The start of production of the first cars on order is scheduled for early 2023


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The Volta Zero is a 16-ton truck and fills the gap between classic sprinters and heavy trucks. Most recently, a multi-hundred-million dollar funding round was able to lay the groundwork to fund all of the company's technical and commercial activities through to full-electric 16-tonne Volta Zero in late 2022. In addition, the first prototypes of electric trucks could be tested in practice.

This was made possible during an event at the Circuit UTAC de Linas-Montlhery in Paris. Prototype cars for design verification took a break from the rigorous testing regime to take part in the event. Customer feedback will be incorporated into next-generation vehicle prototypes to validate production. Construction of prototypes to test the product is scheduled to begin this summer.

These prototypes are expected to be loaned to customers for an extended period of time to test production later in 2022 so they can see how fully electric medium-duty trucks can be integrated into their operations. The start of production of the first cars to order is scheduled for early 2023. In addition, additional customer evaluations and prototype test drives will take place in Volta Trucks European Launch Markets in the second half of 2022.

Since the Volta Zero was unveiled in September 2020, we've been working hard to bring the car to market because that's what our customers are asking for. The best example of the speed at which we work is that we can test all-electric truck prototypes in less than two years from the presentation of a demo vehicle and less than 18 months from the start of an actual development project. These are very early and relatively immature prototypes that customers usually never see, but feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This gives us extra confidence

It is planned that 5,000 Volta Zero units will roll off the assembly line as early as 2023. In 2024 it will be possible to see already 14,000 electric trucks, and in 2025 - 27,000 units. It is planned that by this time the company will operate in both Europe and the US and will have a portfolio of four Volta Zero models, including options 7.5, 12, 16 and 18 tons.

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