Volvo is integrating the Plugsurfing charging network into its smartphone app.

If you are looking for the nearest public charging station, Plugsurfing will show you location and availability information.


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Volvo integrates Plugsurfing charging network. The extension gives users access to more than 270,000 charging points in Europe through the Swedish automaker's smartphone app. Plugsurfing integration eliminates various downloadable applications and payment systems, or combines them into a single application. The payment process is processed directly through the smartphone app. Starting in Switzerland, Volvo plans to roll out the enhanced features to all European markets by the end of June 2022.

With the new feature in the app, EV drivers are also getting special rates when charging at stations owned by European fast charging provider Ionity. In Sweden and Norway, the automaker has also teamed up with charging operator MER to offer preferential rates in those countries. The offer must be constantly expanded by other suppliers.

In 2021, Volvo announced that it will be fully electric by 2030. In addition to plug-in hybrids, the lineup now includes an SUV and crossover SUV with full battery drive.

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