Volvo stops sales of internal combustion engines in Denmark

The company now only offers electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids there


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Volvo Cars has stopped selling internal combustion engines and mild hybrids in Denmark and now only offers electric and plug-in hybrids there. Denmark is the second country after Norway in which Volvo Cars sells its BEV and PHEV models exclusively under the Recharge brand.

As you know, in 2019, Volvo stopped selling internal combustion engines worldwide. Since then, the Swedes have been building mild hybrids in addition to electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. However, these vehicles cannot be purely electric or externally charged, so they are used as pure internal combustion engines and (although technically a mild hybrid) can be colloquially referred to as internal combustion engines.

For a long time, Norway, and to some extent Sweden, have been the hub of e-registration in Scandinavia, but EV sales have recently also skyrocketed in Denmark. This is partly through the sale of new cars, but also through young used cars from other countries, including Germany.

In a Volvo Cars statement, Denmark justifies the move with strong customer demand for BEV and PHEV models, as well as a growing charging infrastructure, as well as a national focus on sustainability. The latter has also led to some tax breaks on the purchase of electrified vehicles.

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