Xiaomi chooses CATL and BYD as battery suppliers for its first electric car

The company plans to use 2 battery options


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Xiaomi plans to use two battery voltage options of 400 and 800 volts for its first electric model.

The 400V version will use BYD Blade batteries with LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) cells, while the 800V model will use CATL latest Qilin batteries with NCM (Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese) cells. At least that's what the Chinese portal "36kr", which is well connected with the Chinese battery industry, reports. In the photo below, the Blade battery is from BYD.


It is not yet clear whether the relevant supply contracts have already been signed. Possible delivery volumes or periods are also not clear from the report. It is also not yet known how big the batteries in the Xiaomi electric car will be. According to previous reports, the first of four electric models will be released in 2024.

Through a two-sided strategy, Xiaomi will be able to reach a wide market with this model. The blade battery from BYD is considered very cheap, but still provides a decent range due to the energy density high enough for LFP batteries. CATL Qilin battery is the third generation of cell-in-pack technology, which should also provide high energy density. As already mentioned, no technical data for the Xiaomi electric car has been confirmed yet. In the photo below, the CATL Qilin battery.

catl qilin.jpg

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