XPeng unveiled its new ultra-fast charger XPeng S4

Charging speed was 210 km in 5 minutes.


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A Chinese electric vehicle startup XPeng announced the XPeng S4 charger at the end of 2021, it is now presented as an 800V charger with a peak power of 480kW (up to 670A and over 700V). The company promises a charging speed of 210 km in 5 minutes using the CLTC method.

XPeng G9 is the first model that can take advantage of the potential of the new charger to a great extent. The car was able to charge 210 km in just five minutes, charging from a very low level of charge (SOC) to around 40% SOC.

In the test, charging started at over 150 kW, then the charging power increased to over 400 kW in about a minute. After three and a half minutes, a value of over 440 kW was reached, after which the charging performance improved. For example, XPeng felt that the G9 has a very narrow charging range, which is generally considered optimal for high power charging. After that, the charging power should decrease again.

However, these are pretty good results for a Chinese GB/T charging plug, perhaps the highest available for sale in China. XPeng also found an advantage over the Tesla Supercharger (250kW in V3 version) and the Porsche Taycan (charging up to 270kW). The first XPeng S4 charger was installed at Sunac Mall in Guangzhou, marking the company's 1,000th charging point. Meanwhile, XPeng has 799 DC chargers and 201 target charging points in 337 cities in China.

In the near future, XPeng plans to focus on installing S4 chargers in the ten cities with the most G9 orders. In 2023, S4 charging stations will be installed in major cities and along major highways, and the company plans to install 2,000 S4 charging stations by 2025.

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