Yamato Transport and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT) have announced a collaboration on replacement batteries for commercial electric vehicles

In the future, CJPT wants to promote the development of commercial electric vehicles with replaceable batteries


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CJPT is a joint venture founded by Toyota, Hino and Isuzu last April to promote so-called CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) technologies in the commercial vehicle sector. In the field of electromobility, the joint venture, 80% owned by Toyota, 10% Hino and 10% Isuzu, aims to jointly develop commercial vehicles BEV and FCEV, the main goal which was cost reduction.

This is exactly what Toyota is citing in the current announcement of its collaboration with Yamato.

Through the standardization of battery cartridges and charging systems, it is necessary to reduce costs and promote widespread use of the technology

As advantages of the concept, Toyota mainly cites well-known arguments: vehicle acquisition costs are reduced, efforts to install charging infrastructure are minimized. In addition, current peaks can be avoided when (simultaneously) fast charging multiple vehicles, as spare batteries can be charged neatly and evenly while the vehicle is on the road with another battery. In the case of logistical use, charging downtime is reduced or eliminated by replacing batteries.


Toyota does not mention in the message: if a replacement battery is required for each car, the raw material requirements for such a barter system increase. However, with the swap system, the batteries can get a little smaller again.

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