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Four car doors can be assembled in 49 seconds

NIO plant in NeoPark begins mass production of electric vehicles

NIO ET5 monthly sales are expected to reach at least 15,000 units within a year

Deliveries of NIO ET5 will begin at the end of September

Battery replacement stations can return electricity to the grid

NIO is testing two-way battery swap stations

It is expected that the electric car will be able to travel up to 1000 kilometers on a single charge

NIO ships first batch of ET7 electric sedans to Europe

The station is located in Norway, namely in Vestby

Nio opens second battery replacement station in Norway

The first battery replacement station will appear in November 2022

NIO plans to enter the US market in 2025

The annual production capacity of the plant is designed for 1 million electric cars

NIO built a new electric car factory in 15 months

The company announced a new technical record for its charging

NIO announces 500kW fast charging station and new battery swap stations

The car will be delivered to customers in China in September 2022

NIO has announced the ET5 mid-range electric car

NIO officially unveiled its fifth production model in mid-June.

NIO ES7 is a mid-size electric SUV.