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The construction of electric motors should begin this year

Tesla to start battery production in Germany in 2023

The company recently reached the milestone of one million electric vehicles manufactured in Shanghai

Tesla cuts delivery times for all electric vehicles in China

The first batch of Tesla Model Y, equipped with Blade batteries from BYD, should roll off the assembly line in Grünheide no earlier than a month later

Tesla will receive LFP batteries from BYD at a German factory

The company may announce the location of another plant in North America later this year

Tesla wants to open another plant in the US

The electric car will use improved LFP elements from CATL

Tesla Model Y will get new batteries

Customers in Europe will soon be enjoying the latest generation of sedans and SUVs in the luxury segment

Tesla launches Model S and Model X Plaid in Europe

Last month, Tesla took significant steps to prepare for production

Tesla to start Cybertruck deliveries by mid-2023

Automaker is building a video game platform called Tesla Arcade inside its vehicles

Tesla wants to integrate Steam into its gaming platform

The U.S. EV market broke EV sales records in 2022 and kicked off strong demand for EVs

Tesla dominates the U.S. electric vehicle market with a 71.4% market share

Charge from 0 to 80% was 32 minutes

Tesla Model Y advantages of 4680 battery cells