CATL introduced a new battery design for electric trucks

The technology is called Module to Bracket

Evonik unveils new battery recycling process

The new process should be ready to enter the market in a few years

UNSW engineers introduced a new high-speed electric motor

The electric motor is capable of speeds up to 100,000 rpm

Sunwoda introduced a battery with very fast charging

New cells are ready to receive 480kW charges

ZSW develops active material recycling processes

The researchers made new battery cells and carried out their electrochemical measurements

Ola Electric introduced its own lithium-ion battery

Own production can reduce prices by about 30%

Volkswagen puts the first fast-charging fleet into operation

The energy storage system consists of 96 cell modules with a total usable capacity of 570 kWh

SVOLT tests solid state batteries

The test was carried out on a battery with a capacity of 20 Ah