CATL showed a new Qilin battery.

CATL is ready for mass production of its new battery, which should hit the market as early as next year.


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The Qilin battery achieves an activity level of 72%, which would be the best percentage in the world. The first generation of batteries of this type, released in 2019, remained at 50%.

The Qilin battery has been rethought in every component to achieve this improvement. It will have an energy density of 255 Wh/kg. CATL promises that electric vehicles equipped with it will be able to travel 1000 km on a single charge.

Much of the work has been done during the design phase with the introduction of a new cell cooling system that takes up less space and has a heat transfer capacity four times that of a traditional system. This solution allows the battery to better withstand high power charging while providing better thermal management.

CATL engineers did a good job of sharing components, and this improved space management alone increased battery capacity by 6 percent.

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