GAC Introduces New LFP Battery Technology

Battery life will even increase to more than 1.5 million kilometers


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China's Guangzhou Automotive Group (GAC) introduced its new battery technology a few days ago. It is based on next generation lithium iron phosphate SmLFP technology based on microcrystalline technology. According to the company, it has 13.5% higher mass energy density and 20% higher cell volumetric energy density than conventional lithium iron phosphate cells.

To achieve this, the technology adds a higher capacity microcrystalline cathode active material in the second phase to the traditional lithium iron phosphate chemistry. This has a positive effect on energy density, as well as low temperature, fast charging and LFP battery life. According to the company, the accuracy of the battery management system will be significantly improved.

GAC states that available battery capacity increases by approximately 10 percent at low temperatures -20°C and provides a fast charge rate of 2°C (C refers to the battery multiplier, where 2C means that theoretically the battery can be fully charged in half an hour, 3C means that the battery can be fully charged in 45 minutes). Battery life will even increase to more than 1.5 million kilometers

In November 2018, GAC Motors announced the Aion S as a competitor to Tesla. The electric SUV GAC Aion LX was introduced with a battery (CATL cells) up to 93 kWh in conjunction with an all-wheel drive system with a capacity of 300 kW (in the top version). A lot has changed, now this electric car will use a new type of battery from GAC. Which promises greater range and charging power. Therefore, it can be assumed that the technical data is considered outdated.

It is known that GAC will produce all its electric vehicles under the "AION" brand in the future. Another electric SUV for the Chinese market follows the GAC Aion LX Plus. Up to 12 AION models are currently under discussion.

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