Kempower develops liquid-cooled charging stations up to 400kW.

Finnish fast charging technology provider Kempower has launched a new version of its Kempower S-series satellite charging system with liquid-cooled charging.


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The liquid-cooled charging station can provide continuous charging power up to 400 kW, the station is suitable for heavy commercial vehicles due to their larger batteries.

The new charger is similar to Kempower's existing S-series satellite charging system, with liquid-cooled cables replacing traditional air-cooled cables. It also has the same user interface and features as the company's current satellite charger. This improvement is intended to help overcome one of the last remaining obstacles to the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles.

Trucks, public transport and coaches currently account for about 25 percent of CO2 emissions from road transport in the European Union. In the United States, medium and heavy trucks account for about 29 percent of total road traffic emissions. And although the pace of electrification of heavy vehicles is accelerating, emissions in this segment continue to rise due to ever-increasing freight traffic on the roads.

“Our customers can install liquid-cooled and air-cooled fast charging satellites in separate charging systems, or combine both products in one system,” says Kempower CEO. This allows you to optimize investment costs.

The company plans to showcase the liquid-cooled Kempower S-series satellite charging system at EVS35, the world's largest e-mobility event, taking place June 11-15 in Oslo, Norway. The product will then be available worldwide, with shipments starting in the third quarter of 2022.

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