Multi-storey car park of the future E-Parktower.

The compact modular micro car park offers parking spaces for 64 electric vehicles.


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The first E-Parktower in Germany was opened in Haltern am See, North Rhine-Westphalia. The compact modular micro-car park offers parking spaces for 64 electric vehicles and generates decentralized photovoltaic energy, including batteries. If the new concept works, it could set a precedent throughout Europe.

Young entrepreneurs Manuel Hutsch, Markus Martin and Lukas Mika and their team have invested more than two years in the development of the E-Parktower. Their goal: the multi-storey car park of the future, allowing parking in the smallest spaces. Each parking space has a place to charge an electric car and protection against vandalism.

E-Parktower with a vertical space efficiency concept is an innovative solution for closing wastelands or areas that are difficult to build on, and therefore equally attractive to property owners and cities. 60 square meters of space should be enough to install an E-Parktower. It is available in various variants with parking spaces ranging from six to 16, each of which can be equipped with wall-mounted electric vehicle charging boxes.

In many cities, the construction of an E-Parktower is possible in accordance with the law. The tower can be used privately or publicly, it can stand alone or be integrated into any building. Therefore, it is an ideal product as an alternative to the classic multi-storey car park or underground car park. Several towers can also be placed side by side

"Model tower" has a height of about 13 meters. In its maximum version with 16 parking spaces, the E-Parktower reaches a height of up to 22 meters. In comparison, 64 parking spaces require approximately 448 square meters in an E-Parktower, while outdoor parking spaces at ground level require approximately 1,800 square meters.

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