Polestar invests in startup StoreDot for ultra-fast battery charging technology.

Electric vehicle subsidiary Volvo Polestar is investing in startup StoreDot, an innovator that promises "extremely fast charging" (XFC for short) batteries for electric vehicles and other batteries. This is Polestar's first financial investment.


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StoreDot is working on silicon batteries for electric vehicles that can be recharged faster than today's energy storage devices. By 2024, an Israeli company plans to produce batteries for electric vehicles capable of charging 160 kilometers in five minutes. The long-term goal is batteries that can travel 100 miles in 2 minutes of charging. Serial production should be achieved within 10 years.

As part of a strategic agreement, Polestar is partnering with StoreDot to explore adapting and applying StoreDot technology to vehicle concepts. Tests include adapting StoreDot cell technology for Polestar vehicles to provide faster charging and improved cycling.

Charging and range worries are common issues that keep internal combustion vehicle owners from switching to electric vehicles. StoreDot's advanced battery technology potentially offers a solution to these problems.

Back in April, it was announced that Volvo Cars was investing in StoreDot through its Volvo Cars Tech Fund. The startup's strategic investors include other well-known corporations such as BP, Daimler and Samsung.

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