Stellantis is testing wireless charging while driving

An electric car can move without using battery power.


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Stellantis, unveiled the Fiat 500 electric car, which can travel at "typical highway speeds" without using battery power, potentially significantly increasing range, or to put it simply, at lower speeds, the test car can actually recover some of its charge.

Components of this project use wireless electric vehicle charging technology from the Israeli company Electreon, which has electrified one mile of a public road in Sweden. Michigan is also planning a dynamic wireless charging pilot project in Detroit with the company.

A35 Brebimi facility customized with various technology partners including ABB, Iveco and Mapei. It's part of the company's long-term mobility plan focused on electric vehicles, which was outlined last summer.

The project uses DC rather than AC electricity, which helps reduce power losses, simplifies the interface with renewables, and allows for thinner cables. It also uses aluminum cables for current distribution, which are half the price of copper, but are lighter and easier to recycle.

The setup can be used to study both dynamic and static versions of inductive charging because the basic idea is the same. The idea can be useful in parking lots, driveways or garages.

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