Umicore and Idemitsu develop materials for solid-state batteries

The companies agreed to jointly develop high-performance materials for solid-state batteries


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With the help of relevant specialist knowledge, the cooperation has set itself the goal of nothing less than a technological breakthrough.

Umicore brings to the collaboration its experience in a wide range of cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries, and Idemitsu Kosan its know-how in the field of solid electrolytes.

Umicore has been working on solid-state CAM chemistry since 2017. The company owns several key patents in this technology area. In 2017, Umicore acquired three nickel-manganese-cobalt patent families for cathode materials from 3M. In May 2021 the company entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement with BASF covering a wide range of cathode materials and precursors. The agreement covers more than 100 patent families.

Idemitsu Kosan has a well-established high-purity lithium sulfide production process developed in the petrochemical business, and has numerous patents for sulfide solid electrolytes using lithium sulfide as raw material.

The joint development of Umicore and Idemitsu will play an important role in accelerating activities in this area

Our partnership with Idemitsu strengthens our innovation and technology leadership, helping our customers transition to pure mobility with solid state batteries

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