Volkswagen puts the first fast-charging fleet into operation

The energy storage system consists of 96 cell modules with a total usable capacity of 570 kWh


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The first fast-charging park in Saxony is installed in the car factory in Zwickau, which receives most of its energy from the Power Storage Container (PSC). PSC is a gigantic power storage system and consists of 96 modules of cells with a total usable capacity of 570 kWh.

Advantage: even if the existing connected load is small, the fast charging infrastructure can be set up in this way almost anywhere. Possible locations are, for example, residential areas.

The solution is also sustainable: all cell modules installed in the PSC have been installed in pre-production ID.3 and ID.4 car batteries and are now getting a second life. Through the pilot project, Volkswagen Sachsen also wants to showcase its technological expertise beyond the production of six all-electric vehicles. Together with AW Automotive and Automotive Research, two other companies from Central Germany participated in the implementation.

The continued use of batteries is an important topic for the future, closely linked to the expansion of electromobility. The Volkswagen Sachsen Energy Storage Container demonstrates a practical, economical and useful application for the second life of disused cell modules

This car power supply can be used wherever the connected load is too small, but there is a need for a high performance charging infrastructure. Such innovative ideas can give new impetus to the important development of fast charging infrastructure.

As a large battery storage system, PSC offers an economical alternative to a transformer substation. It allows you to supply large amounts of energy in a short time without undue load on the power system. Another advantage: By temporarily storing energy, the high basic costs that would otherwise be incurred in standby mode, even if the vehicles are not being charged, can be avoided. In the future, the automotive power supply could create a high-performance computing infrastructure in residential areas, for example, where AC charging with a maximum power of 11 kW was previously possible due to low mains voltage. In the case of fast-charging fleets with powerful high-capacity chargers, transformer substations are usually installed with a connection to a powerful medium-voltage network, which operate around the clock and require a large initial investment.

The Zwickauer Tor West charging park consists of four charging stations, each with a capacity of 150 kW, which can be divided up to 75 kW. Up to eight vehicles can be charged in parallel. Electricity is generated by, among other things, a photovoltaic system next door. Since Volkswagen Sachsen has been using clean electricity since 2017, all vehicles are charged 100% with renewable energy. By the end of the year, three fast-charging parks should be operating on the territory of the plant.

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